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The Kosher gastronomy, traditional of the jewish people, spread around all 5 continents, was influenced mostly by the big communities of the north of Africa, the Mediterrenean and Europe.

Here in Delicias we have gathered the best dishes of this diversed tradition, millenary flavours and tastes, pleasures for the tangue originated in Spain, Italy, Marroc and Hungary, amongst others, very well known in Israel and at the rest of the Jewish communities around the world.

Our Menu is characterized by a great selection from the grill,traditional stews, cooked dishes and typical middle eastern starters.

Kosher from hebrew “correct”, “appropriate” “suitable”) is awarded when the food, the kitchen and the table strictly comply with the Jewish nutrition rules.

Delicias Kosher has a kosher certifícate (Basari, Glatt kosher)

The restaurant is property of a jewish family, with decades of experience in the community.